Package org.apache.sis.console

Command line interface for Apache SIS. See Command for the list of supported commands.
SIS installation on remote machines
Some sub-commands can operate on SIS installation on remote machines, provided that Apache SIS has been compiled with MBeans enabled and that the remote Java Virtual Machine has been started with the following options:
java \ \ \ \
     <other options>
If the port number is different than 1099, then it must be specified to the sis subcommand after the host name. For example if the port number has been set to 9999, then the about sub-command shall be invoked as below:
java org.apache.sis.console.Command about localhost:1099
The property is recommended if the remote JVM is an other JVM instance running on the local machine. Otherwise this property can be omitted for debugging purpose. For production environment, see the security settings documented on the Monitoring and Management Using JMX Technology page.

Defined in the sis-console module