Class AttributeTypeBuilder<V>

  • Type Parameters:
    V - the class of attribute values.
    All Implemented Interfaces:

    public final class AttributeTypeBuilder<V>
    extends PropertyTypeBuilder
    Describes one Attribute­Type which will be part of the feature type to be built by a Feature­Type­Builder. An attribute can be for example a city name, a temperature (together with its units of measurement and uncertainty if desired) or a geometric shape. Attribute types contain the following information:
    • the name — a unique name which can be defined within a scope (or namespace).
    • the definition — a concise definition of the element.
    • the designation — a natural language designator for the element for user interfaces.
    • the description — information beyond that required for concise definition of the element.
    • the value class — often String, Float or Geometry. Must be specified at construction time.
    • a default value — to be used when an attribute instance does not provide an explicit value.
    • characteristics — for example the units of measurement for all attributes of the same type.
    • multiplicity — the minimum and maximum occurrences of attribute values.
    See Also:
    Feature­Type­Builder​.add­Attribute(Class), Default­Attribute­Type

    Defined in the sis-feature module