Interface QuadTreeData

  • public interface QuadTreeData
    Interface representing data stored in quad tree. All data to be stored in quad tree must implement this interface, so that quad tree can access location and store name of file in which data is saved.
    Note on future work: this interface may change in incompatible way in a future Apache SIS release, or may be replaced by new API.
    • Method Detail

      • getX

        double getX()
        Returns the Java 2D x-coordinate for the longitude.
        the Java 2D x-coordinate
      • getY

        double getY()
        Returns the Java 2D y-coordinate for the latitude.
        the Java 2D y-coordinate
      • getLatLon

        DirectPosition2D getLatLon()
        Returns the latitude/longitude pair.
        the latitude/longitude pair.
      • getFileName

        String getFileName()
        Returns the name of the file where the entry's info is saved.
        the name of the file where the entry's info is saved