Class AbstractPositionalAccuracy

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractPositionalAccuracy

        public AbstractPositionalAccuracy()
        Constructs an initially empty positional accuracy.
      • AbstractPositionalAccuracy

        public AbstractPositionalAccuracy​(Result result)
        Creates an positional accuracy initialized to the given result.
        result - the value obtained from applying a data quality measure against a specified acceptable conformance quality level.
      • AbstractPositionalAccuracy

        public AbstractPositionalAccuracy​(PositionalAccuracy object)
        Constructs a new instance initialized with the values from the specified metadata object. This is a shallow copy constructor, since the other metadata contained in the given object are not recursively copied.
        object - the metadata to copy values from, or null if none.
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    • Method Detail

      • castOrCopy

        public static AbstractPositionalAccuracy castOrCopy​(PositionalAccuracy object)
        Returns a SIS metadata implementation with the values of the given arbitrary implementation. This method performs the first applicable action in the following choices:
        • If the given object is null, then this method returns null.
        • Otherwise if the given object is an instance of Relative­Internal­Positional­Accuracy, Absolute­External­Positional­Accuracy or Gridded­Data­Positional­Accuracy, then this method delegates to the cast­Or­Copy(…) method of the corresponding SIS subclass. Note that if the given object implements more than one of the above-cited interfaces, then the cast­Or­Copy(…) method to be used is unspecified.
        • Otherwise if the given object is already an instance of Abstract­Positional­Accuracy, then it is returned unchanged.
        • Otherwise a new Abstract­Positional­Accuracy instance is created using the copy constructor and returned. Note that this is a shallow copy operation, since the other metadata contained in the given object are not recursively copied.
        object - the object to get as a SIS implementation, or null if none.
        a SIS implementation containing the values of the given object (may be the given object itself), or null if the argument was null.