Class GeohashReferenceSystem.Coder

  • Enclosing class:

    public class GeohashReferenceSystem.Coder
    extends Object
    Conversions between direct positions and geohashes. Each Coder instance can read codes at arbitrary precision, but formats at the specified precision. The same Coder instance can be reused for reading or writing many geohashes.
    Immutability and thread safety
    This class is not thread-safe. A new instance must be created for each thread, or synchronization must be applied by the caller.

    Defined in the sis-referencing-by-identifiers module

    • Constructor Detail

      • Coder

        protected Coder()
        Creates a new geohash coder/decoder initialized to the default precision.
    • Method Detail

      • setHashLength

        public void setHashLength​(int length)
        Sets the length of geohashes strings to be encoded by the encode(Direct­Position) method.
        length - the new length of geohashes strings.
      • encode

        public String encode​(double φ,
                             double λ)
                      throws TransformException
        Encodes the given latitude and longitude into a geohash. This method does not take in account the axis order and units of the coordinate reference system (CRS) given to the Geohash­Reference­System constructor. For geohashing of coordinates in different CRS, use encode(Direct­Position) instead.
        \u03c6 - latitude to encode, as decimal degrees in the [-90 … 90]° range.
        \u03bb - longitude to encode, as decimal degrees in the [-180 … 180]° range.
        geohash encoding of the given longitude and latitude.
        Transform­Exception - if an error occurred while formatting the given coordinate.
      • encode

        public String encode​(DirectPosition position)
                      throws TransformException
        Encodes the given position into a geohash. The default implementation transforms the given position to the coordinate reference system expected by the enclosing Geohash­Reference­System, then delegates to encode(double, double).
        position - the coordinate to encode.
        geohash encoding of the given position.
        Transform­Exception - if an error occurred while transforming the given coordinate to a geohash reference.
      • decode

        public AbstractLocation decode​(CharSequence geohash)
                                throws TransformException
        Decodes the given geohash into a latitude and a longitude. The axis order depends on the coordinate reference system of the enclosing Geohash­Reference­System.
        Upcoming API change — generalization
        in a future SIS version, the type of returned element may be generalized to the org​.opengis​.referencing​.gazetteer​.Location interface. This change is pending GeoAPI revision.
        geohash - geohash string to decode.
        a new geographic coordinate for the given geohash.
        Transform­Exception - if an error occurred while parsing the given string.