Class LocationFormat

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    Serializable, Cloneable, Localized

    public class LocationFormat
    extends TabularFormat<AbstractLocation>
    Formats Location instances in a tabular format. This format assumes a monospaced font and an encoding supporting drawing box characters (e.g. UTF-8).
    Example: the location identified by "32TNL83" in the military grid reference system can be represented by the following string formatted using Locale​.ENGLISH:
    │ Location type:               Grid zone designator           │
    │ Geographic identifier:       32TNL83                        │
    │ West bound:                    580,000 m    —     9°57′00″E │
    │ Representative value:          585,000 m    —    10°00′36″E │
    │ East bound:                    590,000 m    —    10°04′13″E │
    │ South bound:                 4,530,000 m    —    40°54′58″N │
    │ Representative value:        4,535,000 m    —    40°57′42″N │
    │ North bound:                 4,540,000 m    —    41°00′27″N │
    │ Coordinate reference system: WGS 84 / UTM zone 32N          │


    • The current implementation can only format features — parsing is not yet implemented.
    • Location­Format, like most java​.text​.Format subclasses, is not thread-safe.
    See Also:
    Serialized Form

    Defined in the sis-referencing-by-identifiers module

    • Constructor Detail

      • LocationFormat

        public LocationFormat​(Locale locale,
                              TimeZone timezone)
        Creates a new format for the given locale. The given locale can be null or Locale​.ROOT if this format shall format "unlocalized" strings.
        locale - the locale for the new Format, or null for Locale​.ROOT.
        timezone - the timezone, or null for UTC.