Class ObliqueStereographic

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Parameterized, Lenient­Comparable, Math­Transform, Math­Transform2D

    public class ObliqueStereographic
    extends NormalizedProjection
    Oblique Stereographic projection (EPSG code 9809). See the Stereographic projection on MathWorld for an overview.
    The directions starting from the central point are true, but the areas and the lengths become increasingly deformed as one moves away from the center. This projection is frequently used for mapping polar areas, but can also be used for other limited areas centered on a point.

    This projection involves two steps: first a conversion of geodetic coordinates to conformal coordinates (i.e. latitudes and longitudes on a conformal sphere), then a spherical stereographic projection. For this reason this projection method is sometime known as "Double Stereographic".

    Note: there is another method known as "Oblique Stereographic Alternative" or sometime just "Stereographic". That alternative uses a simplified conversion computing the conformal latitude of each point on the ellipsoid. Both methods are considered valid but produce slightly different results. For this reason EPSG considers them as different projection methods.
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    Serialized Form

    Defined in the sis-referencing module

    • Constructor Detail

      • ObliqueStereographic

        public ObliqueStereographic​(OperationMethod method,
                                    Parameters parameters)
        Creates an Oblique Stereographic projection from the given parameters. The method argument can be the description of one of the following:
        • "Oblique Stereographic", also known as "Roussilhe".
        method - description of the projection parameters.
        parameters - the parameter values of the projection to create.
    • Method Detail

      • inverseTransform

        protected void inverseTransform​(double[] srcPts,
                                        int srcOff,
                                        double[] dstPts,
                                        int dstOff)
                                 throws ProjectionException
        Converts the specified (x,y) coordinates and stores the result in dst­Pts (angles in radians).
        Specified by:
        inverse­Transform in class Normalized­Projection
        src­Pts - the array containing the source point coordinate, as linear distance on a unit sphere or ellipse.
        src­Off - the offset of the point to be converted in the source array.
        dst­Pts - the array into which the converted point coordinate is returned (may be the same than src­Pts). Coordinates will be (longitude, latitude) angles in radians.
        dst­Off - the offset of the location of the converted point that is stored in the destination array.
        Projection­Exception - if the point can not be converted.