Class ZonedGridSystem

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Parameterized, Lenient­Comparable, Math­Transform, Math­Transform2D

    public class ZonedGridSystem
    extends AbstractMathTransform2D
    implements Serializable
    Transverse Mercator Zoned Grid System projection (EPSG codes 9824). This projection is valid for all the world in a given hemisphere, except the poles. The Earth is divided into zones, usually 6° width. The zone number is determined automatically from the longitude and is prefixed to the Easting value.

    This map projection is not suitable for geometric calculations like distances and angles, since there is discontinuities (gaps) between zones. Actually this operation is not handled as a map projection by Apache SIS, as can been seen from the different class hierarchy.

    Note: current implementation can only be backed by the Transverse Mercator projection, but future versions could apply to some other projections if needed.

    Examples of CRS using this projection are WGS 84 / UTM grid system EPSG:32600 (northern hemisphere) and EPSG:32700 (southern hemisphere).

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    Defined in the sis-referencing module