Class ForwardOnlyStorageException

    • Constructor Detail

      • ForwardOnlyStorageException

        public ForwardOnlyStorageException()
        Creates an exception with no cause and no details message.
      • ForwardOnlyStorageException

        public ForwardOnlyStorageException​(String message)
        Creates an exception with the specified details message.
        message - the detail message.
      • ForwardOnlyStorageException

        public ForwardOnlyStorageException​(String message,
                                           Throwable cause)
        Creates an exception with the specified details message and cause.
        message - the detail message in the default locale.
        cause - the cause for this exception.
      • ForwardOnlyStorageException

        public ForwardOnlyStorageException​(Locale locale,
                                           String filename,
                                           OpenOption... options)
        Creates a localized exception with a default message saying that the stream is read-once or write-once.
        locale - the locale of the message to be returned by Data­Store­Exception​.get­Localized­Message(), or null.
        filename - name of the file or data store where the error occurred.
        options - the option used for opening the file, or null or empty if unknown. This method looks in particular for Standard­Open­Option​.READ and WRITE options for inferring if the data store was used as a reader or as a writer.