Class StoreEvent

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Localized
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    public abstract class StoreEvent
    extends EventObject
    implements Localized
    Parent class of events happening in a data store resource. The event may be a warning or a change in the metadata, content or structure of a resource. Those events are created by Resource implementations and sent to all registered listeners.
    See Also:
    Store­Listener, Serialized Form

    Defined in the sis-storage module

    • Constructor Detail

      • StoreEvent

        protected StoreEvent​(Resource source)
        Constructs an event that occurred in the given resource.
        source - the resource where the event occurred.
        Illegal­Argument­Exception - if the given source is null.
    • Method Detail

      • getLocale

        public Locale getLocale()
        Returns the locale associated to this event, or null if unspecified. That locale may be used for formatting messages related to this event. The event locale is typically inherited from the Data­Store locale.
        Specified by:
        get­Locale in interface Localized
        the locale associated to this event (typically specified by the data store), or null if unknown.
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