Interface StoreListener<T extends StoreEvent>

  • Type Parameters:
    T - the type of events of interest to this listener.
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    public interface StoreListener<T extends StoreEvent>
    extends EventListener
    An object which listens for events (typically changes or warnings) occurring in a resource or one of its children. The kind of event is defined by the subclass of the Store­Event instance given to the event­Occured(Store­Event) method. For example if a warning occurred while reading data from a file, then the event will be an instance of Warning­Event.

    Resource implementations are responsible for instantiating the most specific Store­Event subclass for the type of events. Then, all Store­Listeners that declared an interest for Store­Events of that kind are notified, including listeners in parent resources. Each listener is notified only once per event even if the listener is registered twice.

    See Also:
    Store­Event, Resource​.add­Listener(Class, Store­Listener)

    Defined in the sis-storage module

    • Method Detail

      • eventOccured

        void eventOccured​(T event)
        Invoked after a warning or a change occurred in a resource. The Store­Event​.get­Source() method gives the resource where the event occurred. It is not necessarily the resource in which this listener has been registered; it may be one of the resource children.
        event - description of the change or warning that occurred in a resource. Shall not be null.