Class AttributeNames.Term

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    public static class AttributeNames.Term
    extends Object
    implements Serializable
    Holds the attribute names describing a term together with a vocabulary (or naming authority). A term is a word or expression having a precise meaning in a domain identified by the vocabulary. In the following table, the header lists the constants defined in the Attribute­Names class and the other cells give the values assigned in this class fields for those constants.
    Names of netCDF attributes describing a keyword
    AttributeNames TEXT VOCABULARY
    IDENTIFIER "id" "naming_authority"
    STANDARD_NAME "standard_name" "standard_name_vocabulary"
    KEYWORDS "keywords" "keywords_vocabulary"
    PROGRAM "program"
    PLATFORM "platform" "platform_vocabulary"
    INSTRUMENT "instrument" "instrument_vocabulary"
    Note: The member names in this class are upper-cases because they should be considered as constants. For example Attribute­Names​.KEYWORD​.TEXT maps exactly to the "keywords" string and nothing else. A lower-case text member name could be misleading since it would suggest that the field contains the actual text value rather than the key by which the value is identified in a netCDF file.
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    Serialized Form

    Defined in the sis-netcdf module

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      • Term

        public Term​(String text,
                    String vocabulary)
        Creates a new set of attribute names. Any argument can be null if not applicable.
        text - the keyword or the identifier code.
        vocabulary - the vocabulary or identifier namespace.