Interface IdentifiedObject

    • Method Detail

      • getIdentifierMap

        IdentifierMap getIdentifierMap()
        A map view of the identifiers collection as (authority, code) entries. Each map entry is associated to an element from the above identifier collection in which the key is the identifier authority and the value is the identifier code.

        There is usually a one-to-one relationship between the map entries and the identifier elements, but not always:

        • The map view may contain less entries, because the map interface allows only one entry per authority. If the identifier collection contains many identifiers for the same authority, then only the first occurrence is visible through this Map view.
        • The map view may also contain more entries than the identifier collection. For example the Citation interface defines separated attributes for ISBN, ISSN and other identifiers. This map view may choose to unify all those attributes in a single view.
        The map supports put operations if and only if this Identified­Object is modifiable.
        the identifiers as a map of (authority, code) entries, or an empty map if none.