Package org.apache.sis.coverage.grid

package org.apache.sis.coverage.grid
A coverage backed by a regular grid. In the two-dimensional case, the grid coverage is an image and the cells are pixels. In the three-dimensional case, the cells are voxels.

Grid­Coverage2D is a two-dimensional slice in a n-dimensional cube of data. Despite its name, Grid­Coverage2D instances can be associated to n-dimensional envelopes providing that only two dimensions have a grid span greater than 1.

Grid­Coverage­Builder is a convenience class making easier to create a grid coverage for some common cases.

Accurate definition of georeferencing information

While it is possible to create a grid coverage from a geodetic envelope, this approach should be used in last resort only. Instead, always specify the grid to CRS affine transform. This is preferable because envelopes have ambiguities (do we need to swap the longitude and latitude axes? Do we need to flip the y axis?). On the other hand, the grid to CRS affine transform is fully determinist.