Package org.apache.sis.feature.builder

package org.apache.sis.feature.builder
Helper classes for creating Feature­Type instances. Usage of this package is not mandatory, but make easier to create Default­Feature­Type instances together with their attributes and associations.

The starting point is Feature­Type­Builder. The following example creates a feature type for a capital, as a special kind of city, named "Utopia" by default:

FeatureTypeBuilder builder;

// Create a feature type for a city, which contains a name and a population.
builder = new FeatureTypeBuilder() .setName("City");
builder.addAttribute(String.class) .setName("name").setDefaultValue("Utopia");
FeatureType city =;

// Create a subclass for a city which is also a capital.
builder = new FeatureTypeBuilder().setName("Capital").setSuperTypes(city);
FeatureType capital =;
A call to System​.out​.println(capital) prints the following table:
   Capital ⇾ City
   │ Name       │ Type    │ Multiplicity │ Default value │
   │ name       │ String  │   [1 … 1]    │ Utopia        │
   │ population │ Integer │   [1 … 1]    │               │
   │ parliament │ String  │   [1 … 1]    │               │
See Also:
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