Package org.apache.sis.image

package org.apache.sis.image
Provides helper classes for handling Java2D rendered images together with some operations. This package does not provide any geospatial functionalities; it works only on sample or pixel values stored in Rendered­Images. Those rendered images have the following capabilities:
  • Images may have an arbitrary number of bands (not necessarily RGB).
  • Sample values can be bytes, shorts (signed or unsigned), integers or floating-point values.
  • Images can be tiled.
This package is used as a basis for georectified or georeferenceable grid coverages.

Usage note

Some images are writable. But modifying pixel values should be done by invoking the get­Writable­Tile(…) and release­Writable­Tile(…) methods of Writable­Rendered­Image interface. Do not cast directly a Raster to Writable­Raster even when the cast is safe, because some raster data may be shared by many tiles having identical content. Furthermore, changes in pixel values may be lost if release­Writable­Tile(…) is not invoked.
  • Class
    Colorization algorithm to apply for colorizing a computed image.
    Information about the computed image to colorize.
    An image with tiles computed on-the-fly and cached for future reuse.
    Identification of the primitive type used for storing sample values in an image.
    Action to perform when errors occurred while reading or writing some tiles in an image.
    Information about errors that occurred while reading or writing tiles in an image.
    Combines an arbitrary number of images into a single one.
    A predefined set of operations on images.
    Execution modes specifying whether operations can be executed in parallel.
    Whether Image­Processor can produce an image of different size compared to requested size.
    Algorithm for image interpolation (resampling).
    An iterator over sample values in a raster or an image.
    Builds pixel iterators for specified region of interest, window size or iteration order.
    Contains the sample values in a moving window over the image.
    Base class of Rendered­Image implementations in Apache SIS.
    An image which is the result of resampling the pixel values of another image.
    Specifies the order in which attribute value records are assigned to grid points.
    TransferType<T extends Buffer>
    The type of data used to transfer pixels.
    A pixel iterator capable to write sample values.