Interface Parser

All Known Implementing Classes:
Default­Math­Transform­Factory, Geodetic­Object­Factory

public interface Parser
A parser or a factory capable to create an object from a string in the WKT format. The created objects may be Coordinate Reference Systems, Math Transforms or geometric objects for instance.

Parsing services may be provided by factories which implement this interface:

Similar services are also available as convenience static methods: Non-fatal anomalies found in Well Known Texts are reported in a logger named "org​.apache​.sis​.io​.wkt". Warnings may be for unknown or unsupported WKT elements, inconsistent unit definitions (unit symbol, scale factor or EPSG code), unparsable axis abbreviations, etc. However, this parser does not verify if the overall parsed object matches the EPSG (or other authority) definition. For such verification, see CRS​.from­WKT(String).
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    Creates the object from a string.