Direct Known Subclasses:
Linear­Transform­Builder, Localization­Grid­Builder

public abstract class TransformBuilder extends Object
Creates a transform which will map approximately the given source positions to the given target positions. The transform may be a linear approximation the minimize the errors in a least square sense, or a more accurate transform using a localization grid.

Builders are not thread-safe. Builders can be used only once; points cannot be added or modified after create(Math­Transform­Factory) has been invoked.

  • Constructor Details

    • TransformBuilder

      protected TransformBuilder()
      For subclass constructors.
  • Method Details

    • create

      public abstract MathTransform create(MathTransformFactory factory) throws FactoryException
      Creates a transform from the source points to the target points. Invoking this method puts the builder in an unmodifiable state. Invoking this method more than once returns the same transform (the transform is not recomputed).
      factory - the factory to use for creating the transform, or null for the default factory.
      the transform from source to target points.
      Factory­Exception - if the transform cannot be created, for example because the target points have not be specified.