Reads netCDF files conforming to the Climate and Forecast (CF). The netCDF attributes recognized by this package are listed in the Attribute­Names class.

Note on the definition of terms

The UCAR library sometimes uses the same words than the ISO/OGC standards for different things. In particular the words "domain" and "range" can be applied to arbitrary functions, and the UCAR library chooses to apply it to the function that converts grid indices to geodetic coordinates. This is a different usage than ISO 19123 which uses the domain and range words for the coverage function. More specifically:
  • UCAR "coordinate system" is actually a mix of coordinate system, coordinate reference system and grid geometry in OGC sense.
  • UCAR coordinate system "domain" is not equivalent to ISO 19123 coverage domain, but is rather related to grid envelope.
  • ISO 19123 coverage domain is related to UCAR coordinate system "range".
  • ISO 19123 coverage range is not equivalent to UCAR "range", but is rather related to the netCDF variable's minimum and maximum values.
Care must be taken for avoiding confusion when using SIS and UCAR libraries together.