Provides interfaces and classes for dealing with different types of events fired by resources. The different types of events are specified by the Store­Event subclasses. For example if a warning occurred while reading data from a file, then the Data­Store implementation should fire a Warning­Event.

Events may occur in the following situations:

  • When a warning occurred.
  • When the data store content changed (e.g. new feature instance added or removed).
  • When the data store structure changed (e.g. a column is added in tabular data).
  • Any other change at implementation choice.
Users can declare their interest to a specific kind of event.
  • Class
    An event which, when occurring on a parent resource, is also fired by all children resources.
    Notifies listeners that a resource or a data store is being closed and should no longer be used.
    Parent class of events happening in a data store resource.
    An object which listens for events (typically changes or warnings) occurring in a resource or one of its children.
    Holds a list of Store­Listener instances and provides convenience methods for sending events.
    Describes non-fatal errors that occurred in a resource or a data store.