Base types for retrieving and saving tiles in resources. A Tiled­Resource if a resource capable to describe its tiling schemes as Tile­Matrix­Set instances. A Tile­Matrix­Set is a collection of Tile­Matrix instances in the same CRS but at different scale levels. A Tile­Matrix is a collection of Tile instances with the same size and properties placed on a regular grid with no overlapping. The "tile" word is used because of its wide usage with two-dimensional data, but actually this package has no restriction on the number of dimensions and can work with multi-dimensional "tiles" as well.


The concepts developed in above references are also used, often with different names, by other projects such as OSGeo Tile Map Service Specification, Cesium QuantizedMesh, Open Street Map: Slippy Map, Google Map and MapBox Tiling service.

Relationship with OGC specifications

The Tile­Matrix and Tile­Matrix­Set class names are reused as defined by OGC. The "2D" suffix in class names is omitted because this package is fully multi-dimensional. The concept of "tiling scheme" is encapsulated in a Grid­Geometry.

Departures with OGC specifications

The OGC Tile­Matrix­Limits class is replaced by Grid­Extent. The OGC restriction against negative numbers is removed (Apache SIS accepts negative tile indices). The tile span and tile matrix min/max coefficients are replaced by a more generic "grid to CRS" Math­Transform, usually affine but not necessarily. Users may need to enforce above OGC restrictions themselves if compatibility with OGC specification is desired).

Relationship with Java2D rendered image

OGC tiles can be mapped to Java2D tiles with the following restrictions:
  • Java2D tile indices and pixel indices are 32 bits integer instead of 64 bits. See grid coverage render (in particular the relative pixel coordinates) for the workaround applied in Apache SIS.
  • Java2D does not support coalescence coefficient (used in OGC tiles for compensating distortions near poles). Tiles in Java2D are expanded as needed as if the Tile­Matrix had no coalescence.
  • Class
    A small hyper-rectangular representation of data which is part of a tiling scheme.
    A resource which content can be accessed by smaller chunks called tiles.
    A collection of tiles with the same size and properties placed on a regular grid with no overlapping.
    A collection of Tile­Matrix in the same CRS but at different scale levels.
    Information about the availability of a tile.
    A Tiled­Resource that can write and delete tile matrix sets.
    A Tile­Matrix that can write and delete tiles.
    A Tile­Matrix­Set that can write and delete tile matrices.