Package org.apache.sis.math

package org.apache.sis.math
A set of mathematical objects and algebraic utilities. This package provides:
  • Mathematical functions as static methods in Math¬≠Functions and Decimal¬≠Functions.
  • Statistics accumulator, optionally with statistics on derivatives and tabular formatting.
  • Simple equations for Line and Plane with capability to determine the coefficients from a set of coordinates.
    Note: Line and Plane classes are not geometric objects since they are not bounded in space. For example, the Line2D geometry have starting and ending points, while the Line class in this package extends to infinite.
  • Vector of real numbers, typically as views over arrays of primitive types. Those views make abstraction of the data type (e.g. float, double, int, unsigned int, etc.).
  • Class
    Functions working on float and double values while taking in account their representation in base 10.
    A value class for rational numbers.
    The manners in which the inputs of a function are mapped to the outputs.
    Equation of a line in a two dimensional space (x,y).
    Simple mathematical functions in addition to the ones provided in Math.
    Equation of a plane in a three-dimensional space (x,y,z).
    Holds some statistics derived from a series of sample values.
    Formats a Statistics object.
    A vector of real numbers.