Interface Localized

All Known Implementing Classes:
Angle­Format, Association­Role­Builder, Attribute­Type­Builder, Canvas, Cascaded­Store­Event, Characteristic­Type­Builder, Close­Event, Compound­Format, Coordinate­Format, Coverage­Canvas, Coverage­Explorer, Data­Store, EPSGData­Access, EPSGFactory, Feature­Format, Feature­Type­Builder, Formatter, Geo­Tiff­Store, Grid­Slice­Selector, Identified­Object­Set, Image­Property­Explorer, Landsat­Store, Location­Format, Log­Viewer, Map­Canvas, Map­Canvas­AWT, Metadata­Summary, Netcdf­Store, Optional­Installations, Parameter­Format, Planar­Canvas, Property­Type­Builder, Range­Format, Resource­Explorer, Resources­Downloader, SQLStore, Statistics­Format, Status­Bar, Store­Event, Store­Listeners, Symbols, Tabular­Format, Tree­Table­Format, Type­Builder, Unit­Format, Warning­Event, Warnings, Widget, WKTFormat

public interface Localized
Interface of classes for which each instance is configured for a particular locale. Those classes are often parsers or formatters.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    Returns the locale of the implemented service.
  • Method Details

    • getLocale

      Locale getLocale()
      Returns the locale of the implemented service. Some implementations may return null if no locale is explicitly defined. The meaning of null locale is implementation-dependent, but typical interpretations are: Implementations are encouraged to return a non-null value in every cases. Nevertheless client codes should be prepared to receive null values.
      the locale, or null if not explicitly defined.