Class Resources.Keys

Enclosing class:

public static final class Resources.Keys extends KeyConstants
Resource keys. This class is used when compiling sources, but no dependencies to Keys should appear in any resulting class files. Since the Java compiler inlines final integer values, using long identifiers will not bloat the constant pools of compiled classes.

Defined in the sis-cloud-aws module

  • Field Details

    • CanNotChangeToAbsolutePath

      public static final short CanNotChangeToAbsolutePath
      Can not change a relative path to an absolute path.
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    • EmptyPath

      public static final short EmptyPath
      Empty path.
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    • FileSystemInitialized_2

      public static final short FileSystemInitialized_2
      File system {0,choice,0#not|1#already} initialized for the “{1}” access key.
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    • MissingAccessKey_2

      public static final short MissingAccessKey_2
      Missing {0,choice,0#public|1#secret} access key in “{1}” URI.
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    • MustBeAbsolutePath

      public static final short MustBeAbsolutePath
      Specified path must be an absolute S3 path.
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    • MustHaveKeyComponent

      public static final short MustHaveKeyComponent
      Specified path can not be the root.
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    • UnexpectedProtocol_1

      public static final short UnexpectedProtocol_1
      Unexpected “{0}” protocol.
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