Java NIO wrappers for Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). The wrapped framework is AWS SDK version 2.

URL syntax

The file system in this package accepts URIs of the following forms:

  • S3://bucket/key
  • S3://access­Key@bucket/key (password not allowed)

Keys can be paths with components separated by the '/' separator. The password and the region can be specified at file system initialization time. The endpoint (e.g. "s3​.eu-central-1.amazonaws​.com") shall not be specified in the URI. In particular the region ("eu-central-1" in above example) can depend on the server location instead of the data to access, and can be a global configuration for the server.

After a Path instance has been created, the following syntax can be used on Path methods expecting a String argument. The key can be a path with '/' separators.

  • "S3://bucket/key" (note that "access­Key@bucket" is not accepted)
  • "/bucket/key" (absolute path)
  • "key" (relative path)

Thread safety

All classes provided by this package are safe of usage in multi-threading environment.
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Defined in the sis-cloud-aws module

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    A provider of file system services as wrappers around Amazon Simple Storage Service (AWS S3).