Class ResourcesDownloader

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public class ResourcesDownloader extends OptionalInstallations
A provider for data licensed under different terms of use than the Apache license. This class is in charge of downloading the data if necessary and asking user's agreement before to install them. Authorities managed by the current implementation are:
  • "EPSG" for the EPSG geodetic dataset.

Defined in the sis-console module

  • Constructor Details

    • ResourcesDownloader

      public ResourcesDownloader()
      Creates a new installation scripts provider.
  • Method Details

    • getLocale

      public Locale getLocale()
      Returns the locale to use for messages shown to the user.
      Specified by:
      get­Locale in interface Localized
      get­Locale in class Optional­Installations
      the locale of messages shown to the user.
    • getAuthorities

      public Set<String> getAuthorities()
      Returns the name of the authority who provides data under non-Apache terms of use. If this Resources­Downloader can not ask user's agreement because there is no Console attached to the current Java virtual machine, then this method returns an empty set.
      get­Authorities in class Optional­Installations
      "EPSG" or an empty set.
    • askUserAgreement

      protected boolean askUserAgreement(String authority, String license)
      Asks to the user if (s)he agree to download and install the resource for the given authority. This method may be invoked twice for the same authority argument: first with a null license argument for asking if the user agrees to download the data, then with a non-null license argument for asking if the user agrees with the license terms.
      Specified by:
      ask­User­Agreement in class Optional­Installations
      authority - one of the authorities returned by Optional­Installations​.get­Authorities().
      license - the license, or null for asking if the user wants to download the data.
      whether user accepted.