Class BandedCoverage

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public abstract class BandedCoverage extends Object
A coverage where all sample values at a given location can be provided in an array of primitive type. This class does not require sample values to be "physically" stored in different bands, but it enforces similar constraints:
  • Sample values are represented by a primitive type, typically byte, short or float.
  • All sample dimensions (bands) use the same primitive type.
  • Sample dimensions (bands) are accessed by band index with the first band at index 0.
Comparison with ISO 19123: by contrast an ISO Coverage does not restrict sample values to primitive types, does not require all sample dimensions to use the same type, and sample values are accessed by field names instead of band indices. Said otherwise, an ISO Coverage can provide a complex structure (a Record) at every location while this Banded­Coverage class provides only primitive arrays such as float[].
The effect of above restrictions appears in get­Sample­Dimensions() and Banded­Coverage​.Evaluator​.apply(Direct­Position) method signatures.

Defined in the sis-feature module

  • Constructor Details

    • BandedCoverage

      protected BandedCoverage()
      Constructs a coverage.
  • Method Details

    • getSampleDimensions

      public abstract List<SampleDimension> getSampleDimensions()
      Returns information about the range of this coverage. Information include names, sample value ranges, fill values and transfer functions for all bands in this coverage. The length of the returned list should be equal to the number of bands in rendered images.
      names, value ranges, fill values and transfer functions for all bands in this grid coverage.
    • evaluator

      public abstract BandedCoverage.Evaluator evaluator()
      Creates a new function for computing or interpolating sample values at given locations. That function accepts Direct­Position in arbitrary Coordinate Reference System; conversions to the coverage reference system are applied as needed.


      Evaluators are not thread-safe. For computing sample values concurrently, a new Banded­Coverage​.Evaluator instance should be created for each thread by invoking this method multiply times.
      a new function for computing or interpolating sample values.