Class IncompleteGridGeometryException

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public class IncompleteGridGeometryException extends IllegalStateException
Thrown by Grid­Geometry when a grid geometry can not provide the requested information. For example this exception is thrown when Grid­Geometry​.get­Envelope() is invoked while the grid geometry has been built with a null envelope.

The Grid­Geometry​.is­Defined(int) can be used for avoiding this exception. For example if a process is going to need both the grid extent and the "grid to CRS" transform, than it can verify if those two conditions are met in a single method call:

if (gg.isDefined(GridGeometry.EXTENT | GridGeometry.GRID_TO_CRS) {
    GridExtent    extent    = gg.getGridExtent();
    MathTransform gridToCRS = gg.getGridToCRS(PixelInCell.CELL_CENTER);
    // Do the process.
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Defined in the sis-feature module

  • Constructor Details

    • IncompleteGridGeometryException

      public IncompleteGridGeometryException()
      Constructs an exception with no detail message.
    • IncompleteGridGeometryException

      public IncompleteGridGeometryException(String message)
      Constructs an exception with the specified detail message.
      message - the detail message.
    • IncompleteGridGeometryException

      public IncompleteGridGeometryException(String message, Throwable cause)
      Constructs an exception with the specified detail message and cause.
      message - the detail message.
      cause - the cause for this exception.