Class TypeBuilder

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Characteristic­Type­Builder, Feature­Type­Builder, Property­Type­Builder

public abstract class TypeBuilder extends Object implements Localized
Information common to all kind of types (feature, association, characteristics). Those information are:
  • the name — a unique name which can be defined within a scope (or namespace).
  • the definition — a concise definition of the element.
  • the designation — a natural language designator for the element for user interfaces.
  • the description — information beyond that required for concise definition of the element.
The name is mandatory and can be specified as either Local­Name, Scoped­Name, String or International­String instance. All other properties are optional.

Default namespace

In many cases, the names of all Attribute­Types and Association­Roles to create within a Feature­Type share the same namespace. For making name creations more convenient, the namespace can be specified once and applied automatically to all names created by the set­Name(Char­Sequence) method. Note that namespaces will not be visible in the name string representation unless the fully qualified name is requested. Example:
FeatureTypeBuilder builder = new FeatureTypeBuilder().setNameSpace("MyNameSpace").setName("City");
FeatureType city =;

System.out.println(city.getName());                              // Prints "City"
System.out.println(city.getName().toFullyQualifiedName());       // Prints "MyNameSpace:City"

Defined in the sis-feature module