Class DefaultFilterFactory.Features<G,T>

Type Parameters:
G - base class of geometry objects. The implementation-neutral type is GeoAPI Geometry, but this factory allows the use of other implementations such as JTS Geometry or ESRI Geometry.
T - base class of temporal objects.
All Implemented Interfaces:
Enclosing class:

public static class DefaultFilterFactory.Features<G,T> extends DefaultFilterFactory<AbstractFeature,G,T>
A filter factory operating on Abstract­Feature instances.
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    • resourceId

      public Filter<AbstractFeature> resourceId(String identifier)
      Creates a new predicate to identify an identifiable resource within a filter expression.
      Specified by:
      resource­Id in class Default­Filter­Factory<Abstract­Feature,G,T>
      identifier - identifier of the resource that shall be selected by the predicate.
      the predicate.
    • property

      public <V> Expression<AbstractFeature,V> property(String xpath, Class<V> type)
      Creates an expression whose value is computed by retrieving the value indicated by a path in a resource. If all characters in the path are Unicode identifier parts, then the XPath expression is simply a property name.

      The desired type of property values can be specified. For example if the property values should be numbers, then type can be Number.class. If property values can be of any type with no conversion desired, then type should be Object​.class.

      Specified by:
      property in class Default­Filter­Factory<Abstract­Feature,G,T>
      Type Parameters:
      V - the type of the values to be fetched (compile-time value of type).
      xpath - the path to the property whose value will be returned by the apply(R) method.
      type - the type of the values to be fetched (run-time value of <V>).
      an expression evaluating the referenced property value.