Class Widget

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Direct Known Subclasses:
Coverage­Explorer, Grid­Slice­Selector, Image­Property­Explorer, Log­Viewer, Metadata­Summary, Resource­Explorer, Status­Bar

public abstract class Widget extends Object implements Localized
Base class of user interfaces provided by Apache SIS. This base class is used for components that encapsulate JavaFX controls instead of extending them. We use this indirection level for hiding implementation details such as the exact JavaFX classes used for implementing the widget.

Other controls

Not all Apache SIS widgets extent this class. Other widgets extending directly a JavaFX control or other classes are Metadata­Tree, Resource­Tree, Feature­Table, Grid­View, CRSChooser and Map­Canvas.

Defined in the sis-javafx module

  • Constructor Details

    • Widget

      protected Widget()
      Creates a new widget.
  • Method Details

    • getView

      public abstract Region getView()
      Returns the encapsulated JavaFX component to add in a scene graph for making the widget visible. The Region subclass is implementation dependent and may change in any future SIS version.
      the JavaFX component to insert in a scene graph.
    • getLocale

      public Locale getLocale()
      Returns the locale for controls and messages. This is usually the default locale but some widgets allow alternative locale. This is indicative; there is no guarantee that this locale will be honored by all controls.
      Specified by:
      get­Locale in interface Localized
      the locale for controls in this widget.