Class PixelIterator.Window<T extends Buffer>

Type Parameters:
T - the type of buffer which can be used for transferring data.
Enclosing class:

public abstract static class PixelIterator.Window<T extends Buffer> extends Object
Contains the sample values in a moving window over the image. Windows are created by calls to Pixel­Iterator​.create­Window(Transfer­Type) and sample values are stored in Buffers. The buffer content is replaced ever time update() is invoked.

Defined in the sis-feature module

  • Field Details

    • values

      public final T extends Buffer values
      A buffer containing all sample values fetched by the last call to update(). The buffer capacity is (number of bands) × (window width) × (window height). Values are always stored with band index varying fastest, then column index, then row index. Columns are traversed from left to right and rows are traversed from top to bottom (linear iteration order). That order is the same regardless the iteration order of enclosing iterator.

      Every time that update() is invoked, the buffer content is replaced by sample values starting at the current iterator position. Before the first update() invocation, the buffer is filled with zero values.

  • Method Details

    • getSize

      public final Dimension getSize()
      Returns the width and height of this window in pixels.
      the window size in pixels.
    • update

      public abstract void update()
      Updates this window with the sample values in the region starting at current iterator position. The buffer position, limit and mark are cleared.

      The Pixel­Iterator​.next() method must have returned true, or the Pixel­Iterator​.move­To(int,int) method must have been invoked successfully, before this update() method is invoked. If above condition is not met, then this method behavior is undefined: it may throw any runtime exception or return meaningless values (there is no explicit bounds check for performance reasons).