Extensions to standard Java I/O (Reader, Writer, Appendable) and Format. Many classes defined in this package are filters applying on-the-fly formatting while writing text to the output device. For example Line­Appender can wrap lines to some maximal line length (e.g. 80 characters), and Table­Appender replaces all occurrence of '\t' by the amount of spaces needed for producing a tabular output.
Note: One of the formatter classes defined in this package is a java​.text​.Format subclass. While traditionally though as part of text packages, that Format is defined in this I/O package because it can format to an Appendable and for consistency with the org​.apache​.sis​.io​.wkt package.

Unicode characters

Some formatters in this package make extensive use of Unicode characters. This may produce unexpected results in a Windows console, unless the underlying output stream uses the correct encoding (e.g. new Output­Stream­Writer(System​.out, "Cp437")). To display the appropriate code page for a Windows console, type chcp on the command line.

Supplementary Unicode characters

This package can handle the Unicode supplementary characters.

Defined in the sis-utility module

  • Class
    Base class of Format implementations which delegate part of their work to other Format instances.
    Thrown when an input stream or a channel can not modify its position to the given value.
    Utilities methods working on java​.io objects.
    An Appendable which can apply different kinds of reformatting that depend on the End Of Line (EOL) occurrences.
    An Appendable which formats the text as a table suitable for displaying in devices using a monospaced font.
    Base class for parser and formatter of tabular data, providing control on line and column separators.