Class AbstractParameterDescriptor

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Formattable, Deprecable, Lenient­Comparable, General­Parameter­Descriptor, Identified­Object
Direct Known Subclasses:
Default­Parameter­Descriptor, Default­Parameter­Descriptor­Group

public abstract class AbstractParameterDescriptor extends AbstractIdentifiedObject implements GeneralParameterDescriptor
Abstract definition of a parameter or group of parameters used by a coordinate operation or a process. This interface combines information provided by Referencing by Coordinates (ISO 19111), Service Metadata (ISO 19115) and Web Processing Services (WPS) standards. The main information are:
Main parameter properties
Getter method ISO 19111 WPS ISO 19115 Remarks
getName() name Identifier name See Parameters​.get­Member­Name(Parameter­Descriptor) for Member­NameIdentifier mapping.
AbstractIdentifiedObject.getDescription() Abstract description Also known as “definition”.
getDirection() direction Tells if the parameter is a WPS Input or Output structure.
getMinimumOccurs() minimumOccurs MinOccurs optionality optionality   = (minimumOccurs > 0)
getMaximumOccurs() maximumOccurs MaxOccurs repeatability repeatability = (maximumOccurs > 1)
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Defined in the sis-referencing module