Interface Parameterized

All Known Implementing Classes:
Abstract­Math­Transform, Abstract­Math­Transform​.Inverse, Abstract­Math­Transform1D, Abstract­Math­Transform1D​.Inverse, Abstract­Math­Transform2D, Abstract­Math­Transform2D​.Inverse, Albers­Equal­Area, Azimuthal­Equidistant, Cassini­Soldner, Cylindrical­Equal­Area, Datum­Shift­Transform, Default­Conversion, Default­Transformation, Ellipsoid­To­Centric­Transform, Interpolated­Geocentric­Transform, Interpolated­Molodensky­Transform, Interpolated­Transform, Lambert­Azimuthal­Equal­Area, Lambert­Conic­Conformal, Mercator, Modified­Azimuthal­Equidistant, Mollweide, Molodensky­Transform, Normalized­Projection, Oblique­Mercator, Oblique­Stereographic, Orthographic, Pass­Through­Transform, Polar­Stereographic, Pole­Rotation, Polyconic, Satellite­Tracking, Sinusoidal, Transverse­Mercator, Wraparound­Transform, Zoned­Grid­System

public interface Parameterized
An object which can supply its parameters in a Parameter­Value­Group. All Apache SIS implementations of Math­Transform implement this interface.

Defined in the sis-referencing module

  • Method Details

    • getParameterDescriptors

      ParameterDescriptorGroup getParameterDescriptors()
      Returns the parameter descriptors for this parameterized object, or null if unknown.
      the parameter descriptors for this object, or null.
    • getParameterValues

      ParameterValueGroup getParameterValues()
      Returns the parameter values for this parameterized object, or null if unknown.

      Modifying parameter values

      Unless explicitly allowed by the implementation class, callers should not modify the values returned by this method. Implementers are encouraged to protect their internal data by returning an unmodifiable view or a copy of their parameters. If the caller wishes to edit parameter values, then (s)he should clone the parameters before to modify them, then use the modified parameters for creating a new Parameterized object.
      the parameter values for this object, or null if unknown.