Package org.apache.sis.profile.france

package org.apache.sis.profile.france
French extensions defined by the Association Fran├žaise de Normalisation (AFNOR).

Historical note

The French profile also added two properties to the ISO 19115:2003 standard. Equivalent properties have been added to the 2013 revision of ISO 19115, so the French profile should not be needed anymore except for compatibility with oldest specifications. The following table lists the French extensions and their replacement in the newer ISO standard:
AFNOR to ISO mapping
French profile ISO 19115:2014 equivalent
FRA_DataIdentification.relatedCitation MD_Identification.additionalDocumentation
FRA_Constraints.citation MD_Constraints.reference

Defined in the sis-french-profile module

  • Classes
    Provides implementations of French extensions defined by AFNOR.