Class DefaultVerticalCRS

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Formattable, Deprecable, Lenient­Comparable, Coordinate­Reference­System, Single­CRS, Vertical­CRS, Identified­Object, Reference­System

public class DefaultVerticalCRS extends AbstractCRS implements VerticalCRS
A 1-dimensional coordinate reference system used for recording heights or depths. Vertical CRSs make use of the direction of gravity to define the concept of height or depth, but the relationship with gravity may not be straightforward.

Used with datum type: Vertical.
Used with coordinate system type: Vertical.

Immutability and thread safety

This class is immutable and thus thread-safe if the property values (not necessarily the map itself), the coordinate system and the datum instances given to the constructor are also immutable. Unless otherwise noted in the javadoc, this condition holds if all components were created using only SIS factories and static constants.
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Defined in the sis-referencing module