Class DefaultTransformation

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Formattable, Parameterized, Deprecable, Lenient­Comparable, Identified­Object, Coordinate­Operation, Single­Operation, Transformation

public class DefaultTransformation extends AbstractCoordinateOperation implements Transformation
A parameterized mathematical operation that transforms coordinates to another CRS with a change of datum. The parameters of a coordinate transformation are empirically derived from data containing the coordinates of a series of points in both coordinate reference systems. This computational process is usually "over-determined", allowing derivation of error (or accuracy) estimates for the transformation. Also, the stochastic nature of the parameters may result in multiple (different) versions of the same coordinate transformation.

This coordinate operation contains an operation method, usually with associated parameter values. In the SIS default implementation, the parameter values are inferred from the math transform. Subclasses may have to override the Single­Operation​.get­Parameter­Values() method if they need to provide a different set of parameters.

Immutability and thread safety

This class is immutable and thus thread-safe if the property values (not necessarily the map itself) given to the constructor are also immutable. This means that unless otherwise noted in the javadoc, Transformation instances created using only SIS factories and static constants can be shared by many objects and passed between threads without synchronization.
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Defined in the sis-referencing module