Class AbstractFeatureSet

All Implemented Interfaces:
Data­Set, Feature­Set, Resource
Direct Known Subclasses:
Concatenated­Feature­Set, Join­Feature­Set

public abstract class AbstractFeatureSet extends AbstractResource implements FeatureSet
Default implementations of several methods for classes that want to implement the Feature­Set interface. Subclasses should override the following methods:

Thread safety

Default methods of this abstract class are thread-safe. Synchronization, when needed, uses Abstract­Resource​.get­Synchronization­Lock().

Defined in the sis-storage module

  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractFeatureSet

      protected AbstractFeatureSet(StoreListeners parentListeners, boolean hidden)
      Creates a new resource which can send notifications to the given set of listeners. If hidden is false (the recommended value), then this resource will have its own set of listeners with this resource declared as the source of events. It will be possible to add and remove listeners independently from the set of parent listeners. Conversely if hidden is true, then the given listeners will be used directly and this resource will not appear as the source of any event.

      In any cases, the listeners of all parents (ultimately the data store that created this resource) will always be notified, either directly if hidden is true or indirectly if hidden is false.

      parent­Listeners - listeners of the parent resource, or null if none. This is usually the listeners of the Data­Store that created this resource.
      hidden - false if this resource shall use its own Store­Listeners with the specified parent, or true for using parent­Listeners directly.
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