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Geo­Tiff­Store, Landsat­Store, Landsat­Store, Netcdf­Store, SQLStore

public interface Aggregate extends Resource
A collection of resources. An aggregate can have any number of components. Each component can be another aggregate, thus forming a tree of resources. Different kinds of aggregate may exist for various reasons, for example (adapted from ISO 19115):
  • Series: a generic collection of resources that share similar characteristics (theme, date, resolution, etc.). The exact definition is determined by the data provider. See Scope­Code​.SERIES for more examples.
  • Sensor series: a collection of resources observed by the same sensor.
  • Platform series: a collection of resources observed by sensors installed on the same platform. The components of a platform series are sensor series. Those components usually share the same geospatial geometry.
  • Production series: a collection of resources produced using the same process. Members of a production series share lineage and processing history.
  • Initiative: a collection of resources related by their participation in a common initiative.
  • Transfer aggregate: a set of resources collected for the purpose of transfer. The components may be the results of an ad hoc query, for example on a Web Service.
The same resource may be part of more than one aggregate. For example the same resource could be part of a production series and a transfer aggregate. In Apache SIS implementation, those two kinds of aggregate will usually be implemented by different Data­Store instances.


Aggregates should have metadata / metadata­Scope / resource­Scope sets to Scope­Code​.SERIES or Scope­Code​.INITIATIVE if applicable. If not too expensive to compute, the names of all components should be listed as associated resources with an Association­Type​.IS_COMPOSED_OF relation.

Defined in the sis-storage module

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    • components

      Collection<? extends Resource> components() throws DataStoreException
      Returns the children resources of this aggregate. The returned collection contains the resources listed by their name in the following metadata elements. The returned collection may contain more resources if the metadata are incomplete, and the resources do not need to be in the same order:
      this.metadata / identification­Info / associated­Resource with Association­Type​.IS_COMPOSED_OF
      The name of each child resource in the returned collection is given by the following metadata element:
      child.metadata / identification­Info / citation / title

      Lazy resource instantiation

      If the collection instantiates components only when first needed, and if a checked exception occurs during invocation of a Collection or Iterator method, then the collection or the iterator should wrap the exception in a Backing­Store­Exception.
      all children resources that are components of this aggregate. Never null.
      Data­Store­Exception - if an error occurred while fetching the components.