Class ForwardOnlyStorageException

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Localized­Exception

public class ForwardOnlyStorageException extends DataStoreException
Thrown when an operation would require to move the cursor back, but the underlying storage does not allow that. For example this exception is thrown if the user wants to read the same data a second time, but the underlying ReadableByteChannel is not seekable.

This exception typically does not depend on the Data­Store implementation, but rather on the Storage­Connector value given to the data store.

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Defined in the sis-storage module

  • Constructor Details

    • ForwardOnlyStorageException

      public ForwardOnlyStorageException()
      Creates an exception with no cause and no details message.
    • ForwardOnlyStorageException

      public ForwardOnlyStorageException(String message)
      Creates an exception with the specified details message.
      message - the detail message.
    • ForwardOnlyStorageException

      public ForwardOnlyStorageException(String message, Throwable cause)
      Creates an exception with the specified details message and cause.
      message - the detail message in the default locale.
      cause - the cause for this exception.
    • ForwardOnlyStorageException

      public ForwardOnlyStorageException(Locale locale, String filename, OpenOption... options)
      Creates a localized exception with a default message saying that the stream is read-once or write-once.
      locale - the locale of the message to be returned by Data­Store­Exception​.get­Localized­Message(), or null.
      filename - name of the file or data store where the error occurred.
      options - the option used for opening the file, or null or empty if unknown. This method looks in particular for Standard­Open­Option​.READ and WRITE options for inferring if the data store was used as a reader or as a writer.