Class NullArgumentException

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public class NullArgumentException extends NullPointerException
Thrown when a null argument has been given to a method that doesn't accept them. This exception extends Null­Pointer­Exception in order to stress out that the error is an illegal argument rather than an unexpected usage of a null pointer inside a method body.
API note: We could argue that this exception should extend Illegal­Argument­Exception. However Null­Pointer­Exception has become a more widely adopted practice and is now the recommended one in the Effective Java book.
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Defined in the sis-utility module

  • Constructor Details

    • NullArgumentException

      public NullArgumentException()
      Constructs an exception with no detail message.
    • NullArgumentException

      public NullArgumentException(String message)
      Constructs an exception with the specified detail message.
      message - the detail message.