Uses of Enum

Packages that use ComparisonMode
Functions that associates positions within a bounded space (its domain) to values (its range).
A coverage backed by a regular grid.
Widgets about coordinate reference systems.
Root package for various metadata implementations.
Information about spatial, vertical, and temporal extent.
Descriptions and values of parameters used by a coordinate operation or a process.
Base classes for reference systems used for general positioning.
Coordinate Reference System (CRS) definitions as coordinate systems related to the earth through datum.
Coordinate System (CS) definitions as the set of coordinate system axes that spans the coordinate space.
Relationship of a CoordinateSystem (an abstract mathematical entity) to the earth or other system.
Mapping between geographic identifiers (addresses, grid indexes…) and locations (descriptions, coordinates…).
Relationship between any two Coordinate Reference Systems (CRS).
Matrix implementations for spatiotemporal referencing.
Map projection implementations.
Conversions or transformations of multi-dimensional coordinate points.
Simple data objects and miscellaneous utilities.