Uses of Interface

Packages that use Localized
Command line interface for Apache SIS.
Defines the structure and content of views of real-world phenomenon.
Helper classes for creating FeatureType instances.
Basic geometric objects (envelopes and direct positions).
Extensions to standard Java I/O (Reader, Writer, Appendable) and Format.
Well Known Text (WKT) parsing and formatting.
A set of mathematical objects and algebraic utilities.
Units of measurements, values related to measurement (like angles and ranges) and their formatters.
Descriptions and values of parameters used by a coordinate operation or a process.
Symbology and map representations, together with a rendering engine for display.
Creates Coordinate Reference System (CRS) objects from given properties or authority codes.
Factories for geodetic objects defined in a SQL database, typically the EPSG dataset.
Mapping between geographic identifiers (addresses, grid indexes…) and locations (descriptions, coordinates…).
Provides information and some controls about SIS configuration.
Data store base types for retrieving and saving geospatial data in various storage formats.
Metadata readers for some format used in Earth observation (Landsat, MODIS).
Provides interfaces and classes for dealing with different types of events fired by resources.
Maps ISO metadata elements from/to the GeoTIFF tags.
Reader of Landsat 8 level 1-2 data.
Reads netCDF files conforming to the Climate and Forecast (CF).
Data store capable to read and create features from a JDBC connection to a database.
Addition to the collection framework.