Uses of Class

Packages that use Static
A coverage backed by a regular grid.
Defines the structure and content of views of real-world phenomenon.
Basic geometric objects (envelopes and direct positions).
Extensions to standard Java I/O (Reader, Writer, Appendable) and Format.
A set of mathematical objects and algebraic utilities.
Units of measurements, values related to measurement (like angles and ranges) and their formatters.
Reference to the data or service (citation, responsible party, contact information).
Information about spatial, vertical, and temporal extent.
French extensions defined by the Association Fran├žaise de Normalisation (AFNOR).
Japanese extensions to netCDF reader.
Base classes for reference systems used for general positioning.
Coordinate System (CS) definitions as the set of coordinate system axes that spans the coordinate space.
Matrix implementations for spatiotemporal referencing.
Conversions or transformations of multi-dimensional coordinate points.
Data store base types for retrieving and saving geospatial data in various storage formats.
Simple data objects and miscellaneous utilities.
Addition to the collection framework.
Implementations of GeoAPI types from the org.opengis.util package.
Extensions to the JDK logging framework.
Provides methods for marshalling and unmarshalling SIS objects in XML.