Class DefaultMemberName

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Comparable<Generic­Name>, Generic­Name, Local­Name, Member­Name

public class DefaultMemberName extends DefaultLocalName implements MemberName
The name to identify a member of a record. Default­Member­Name can be instantiated by any of the following methods:

Immutability and thread safety

This class is immutable and thus inherently thread-safe if the Name­Space, Char­Sequence and Type­Name arguments given to the constructor are also immutable. Subclasses shall make sure that any overridden methods remain safe to call from multiple threads and do not change any public Member­Name state.
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Defined in the sis-metadata module

  • Constructor Details

    • DefaultMemberName

      protected DefaultMemberName(NameSpace scope, CharSequence name, TypeName attributeType)
      Constructs a member name from the given character sequence and attribute type.
      scope - the scope of this name, or null for a global scope.
      name - the local name (never null).
      attribute­Type - the type of the data associated with the record member (can not be null).
  • Method Details

    • castOrCopy

      public static DefaultMemberName castOrCopy(MemberName object)
      Returns a SIS member name implementation with the values of the given arbitrary implementation. This method performs the first applicable action in the following choices:
      • If the given object is null, then this method returns null.
      • Otherwise if the given object is already an instance of Default­Member­Name, then it is returned unchanged.
      • Otherwise a new Default­Member­Name instance is created with the same values than the given name.
      object - the object to get as a SIS implementation, or null if none.
      a SIS implementation containing the values of the given object (may be the given object itself), or null if the argument was null.
    • getAttributeType

      public TypeName getAttributeType()
      Returns the type of the data associated with the record member.
      Specified by:
      get­Attribute­Type in interface Member­Name
      the type of the data associated with the record member.
    • equals

      public boolean equals(Object object)
      Compares this member name with the specified object for equality.
      equals in class Default­Local­Name
      object - the object to compare with this name for equality.
      true if the given object is equal to this name.