Package org.apache.sis.util.logging

package org.apache.sis.util.logging
Extensions to the JDK logging framework. This package provides:
  • A Logging utility class with static methods for fetching a logger (see Choosing a logging framework below) or logging an exception.
  • A Performance­Level with configurable levels for logging the duration of lengthly processes.
  • A Monoline­Formatter for formatting the log records on single line with colors, for easier reading on the console output.

Choosing a logging framework

The SIS project uses the standard Logger API for its logging, but this package allows redirection of logging messages to some other frameworks like Log4J. We recommend to stick to standard JDK logging when possible. However if inter-operability with an other logging framework is required, then the only action needed is to include one of the following JAR on the classpath:
  • sis-logging-commons​.jar for Apache logging
  • sis-logging-log4j​.jar for Log4J logging
  • Any other JAR registering a Logger­Factory implementation.

Note for SIS developers

All SIS code should fetch their logger through a call to our custom Logging​.get­Logger(String) method instead of the standard Logger​.get­Logger(String) method. This is necessary in order to give SIS a chance to redirect log events to an other logging framework.
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