Apache SIS team

Project Management Committee (PMC)

The Project Management Committee (PMC) is the group of people with formal oversight of the project.

  • Adam Estrada
  • Alexis Manin
  • Andrew Hart
  • Charitha Madusanka
  • Gregory D. Reddin
  • Johann Sorel
  • Joseph F. White
  • Marc Le Bihan
  • Martin Desruisseaux
  • Nga Thien Chung
  • Olivier Nouguier
  • Patrick O’Leary
  • Paul Michael Ramirez
  • Peter Karich
  • Ross Laidlaw
  • Sean William McCleese
  • Suresh Marru
  • Travis Pinney


Committers are peoples with write access to the source code repository. All PMC members are implicitly committers.

  • Bruno Kinoshita
  • Christina Hough
  • Rémi Maréchal


Contributors are peoples who contributed to the project through emails, patches, merge requests, mentoring or other means.

  • Adrian Custer
  • Antoine Hnawia
  • Bich Thuy Do
  • Cédric Briançon
  • Guilhem Legal
  • Kevan Miller
  • Minh Chinh Vu
  • Thi Phuong Hao Nguyen
  • Touraïvane

Emeritus members

Emeritus members are peoples who are no longer active (for example because they no longer have time to work on the project) but are still entitled to many of the rights and privileges of the position. Emeritus status indicates interest but not activity, as opposed to having resigned.