The Apache SIS™ library

Apache Spatial Information System (SIS) is a free software, Java language library for developing geospatial applications. SIS enables better representation of coordinates for searching, data clustering, archiving, or other relevant spatial needs. The library is an implementation of GeoAPI 3.0 interfaces and can be used for desktop or server applications.

SIS provides data structures for geographic data and associated metadata along with methods to manipulate those data structures. The SIS metadata module forms the base of the library and enables the creation of metadata objects which comply with the model of international standards. The SIS referencing module enable the construction of geodetic data structures for geospatial referencing such as axis, projection and coordinate reference system definitions, along with the associated operations which enable the mathematical conversion of coordinates between different systems of reference. The SIS storage modules will provide a common approach to the reading and writing of grid coverages applicable to simple imagery as to many dimensional data structures.

Some SIS features are:

  • Geographic metadata (ISO 19115-1:2014)
    • Can be read from or written to ISO 19139 compliant XML documents.
    • Automatic conversions between the model published in 2003 and the revision published in 2014.
  • Referencing by coordinates (ISO 19111:2007)
    • Well Known Text (WKT) version 1 and 2 (ISO 19162:2015).
    • Geographic Markup Language (GML) version 3.2 (ISO 19136:2007).
    • Mercator, Transverse Mercator, Lambert Conic Conformal and Polar stereographic map projections. See the list of supported operation methods.

Using SIS

SIS requires a Java 6 Runtime Environment. The latest release is 0.6, released September 2015. The version under development is 0.7-SNAPSHOT.

SIS developer documentation