Package org.apache.sis.referencing.factory

package org.apache.sis.referencing.factory
Creates Coordinate Reference System (CRS) objects from given properties or authority codes. This package provides two kinds of factories:
  • Geodetic­Authority­Factory creates geodetic objects from codes defined by an authority. An authority is an organization that maintains definitions of authority codes. An authority code is a compact string defined by an authority to reference a particular spatial reference object. A frequently used set of authority codes is the EPSG geodetic dataset, a database of coordinate systems and other spatial referencing objects where each object has a code number ID.
  • Geodetic­Object­Factory creates complex objects that cannot be created by the authority factories. Allows also inversion of control when used with the EPSG authority factory or with the WKT parser.
Authority factories available in Apache SIS are listed below. Factories defined in this package do not require any configuration or external resources. Factories defined in the sql sub-package require a connection to a database.
Authority factory implementations
Authorities Implementation class Conditions
CRS, AUTO and AUTO2 CommonAuthorityFactory None.
EPSG EPSGFactory Requires installation of EPSG dataset.